Ghanaians urged to exhibit true Africanism to promote African culture?

Madam Betty Osei Bonsu, Founder of B. Inspired with Stories from Africa (B.ISA) has highlighted the need to exhibit true Africanism to help promote African culture.?
She was speaking at the second edition of the Africa Youth in StoryTelling Workshop which seeks to create awareness on happenings in Africa and foster local impact and growth within communities.
‘Exhibiting through Africanism comes with diverse formats from the things we feed ourselves with and then the output. We have to ?create that background where we have more of indigenous stories and start grooming generations to come with African mentality.’?
Madam Osei said that Ghana and Africa were losing its values in terms of promoting its culture hence the need to change the paradigm of the mentalities of these individuals to create the barrier of uniqueness.?
The founder of B.ISA said it was important to promote the narrative of the African culture through storytelling, which was the pathway to reaching the hearts of many.?
According to her, B.ISA was keen on helping to project these stories as it would go a long way to inspire others who would also take similar paths in life.?
‘We are going to spark more of these conversations in the space, we want to put together a hub for these story tellers and Ghanaians would see more inspiring stories on our B.ISA platforms,’ She added.?
She urged African story tellers to join in the conversation of telling African stories to help revive the African culture.
As part of telling inspiring stories, some key players in the Arts industry also shared their stories to inspire others to take up similar tasks.?

Source: Ghana News Agency