International press highlights president Lula da Silva’s visit to Angola

State visit to Angola by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva continues to grab headlines in the Angolan and international Media.

The Brazilian Statesman made a three-day working visit, as part of the reinforcement of cooperation and existing friendship ties between the two countries.

Media houses in Angola continue to focus on different speeches delivered by the Brazilian Head of State during his visit to the country.

In Portugal, the United States, France, Germany and Brazil, with media outlets such as RTP, VOA, LUSA, RFI, DW, Folha UOL and G1 highlighted the moment of cooperation between Angola and Brazil.

RTP, for example, publishes on its website an article titled “Brazilian President visits Angola with 170 businessmen”.

The news also refers to the holding of the Economic Forum that ended on Friday, with the presence of 500 businessmen, including 170 from Brazil.

VOA, from the United States, has the title “The largest Brazilian presidential delegation ever present in Luanda” and highlights the development project of the Cunene Valley, among others analysed during the visit.

The Portuguese LUSA underlines “Lula da Silva gives a score of 10 to the state visit to Angola” and quotes the Brazilian president: “I think it was the best visit I made to Angola (…) I also want to thank the affection that President João Lourenço had with my delegation”.

On the online page of DW (Germany), it can be read that the presence of the Brazilian Head of State in Angola focused on economic cooperation and refers to the agreements signed in the sectors of agriculture, tourism and transport.

The publication adds that the visit symbolises “Brazil’s return to Africa” and adds President Lula da Silva’s words that “relations between Angola and Brazil are a state policy”.

In Brazil, Folha UOL mentions “Lula signs agreements in Angola and criticizes Bolsonaro’s indifference towards Africa”.

Agência Brasil publishes “Lula announces that the country will invest again in Africa” and stresses that Angola is a good payer.

The Brazil G1 online page points out that Lula’s trip to Angola represents a closer relationship between Brazil and the African continent.

It recalled that in the Angolan Parliament, the President of Brazil honored “Mãe Bernadete”, one of the most important Quilombola leaders assassinated last week, for having defended the struggle for gender equality and for the distribution of wealth and food.

During the visit, Angola and Brazil strengthen their cooperation with seven new bilateral cooperation agreements.

The two states formalised their cooperation in 1977, two years after Angola declared independence on November 11, 1975

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)