?Let the public know what you do to ‘bad’ Judicial staff – Apremdo Chief?

The Divisional Chief of Apremdo, Nana Egya Kwamena XI, has requested of the Chief Justice to ensure that the Judicial Service guaranteed the extensive dissemination of information on substantiated petitions filed against its personnel.??

‘This will give confidence to the farmer and market woman that he or she has a voice and that the Judicial service has ears to listen,’, he said.?

Nana Egya Kwamena XI made the request when the Chief Justice, Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkonoo opened the new Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly (EKMA) Court, to bring justice close to the people in that Municipality.?

?The Divisional Chief said: ‘Often, we?hear cases of unprofessionalism by some very few judicial services staff who taint the image of the Ghana Judicial Service.’?

?He said unfortunately, the judicial service had no clear, complaint mechanisms easier for victims to lodge complaints against any member of the Judiciary or court staff who made any unlawful demands, in performing his or her judicial duties, for
disciplinary action to be taken against that person or group of persons.? ??

?Speaking on land matters, Nana Egya Kwamena XI said, apart from Burma Camp, Apremdo was the only community in Ghana that had released lands to the Government of Ghana to establish two military barracks: Air force and 2BN Army barracks.? ??

‘However, since our grandfathers released these lands to the Government to protect the air space and the land territories of Ghana with the understanding that compensation will be paid to the stool, successive governments have not paid the due compensation for both lands,’ he said.??

?He said the situation, had created tension between the families and the military units for land encroachment among many others adding, ‘in?as much as Apremdo is giving lands to promote administration of Justice to the people of Ghana, we hope the Judicial service of Ghana will be responsive enough to hear cases on time.’???

Source: Ghana News Agency