Manchester United: Gary cautions Onana and Hojlund

Former Manchester United captain and legend, Gary Neville has cautioned the newly signed United goalkeeper André Onana and center-forward Rasmus Honlund, after last Saturday’s match during which Onana conceded a controversial goal against Lens.

“The reason I’m a little bit nervous about United’s season is that you’ve got these two unknowns at either end of the pitch that really have to hit it off for Manchester United to be better than last season”, Gary Neville said on The Overlap on YouTube.

“I’ve said it before and I think it’s the toughest position in Premier League Football, Manchester’s goalkeeper. You come under more scrutiny than any other player in English Football if you’re United’s goalkeeper. I wish him all the best because he’s going to need that personality, that character because people will get onto him” Gary continued.

Adding that “Every media organization, every pundit, every fan from every other club, if he does make a mistake we know what’s going to happen on every single occasion. And I think the lad at the other end as well, Hojlund, center-forward for Manchester United. I think they’re the two positions that will get put under most scrutiny and they’re the two that are really going to have to settle in.”

It should be noted that André Onana came in from Inter Milan to replace David de Gea, while Rasmus Hojlund is from Atlanta.

Source: Cameroon News Agency