Naa Prof Edmund Delle at 80 birthday celebration attracts appellations from friends and colleagues

Naa Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle, the Paramount Chief of Nandom traditional area and a Dermatology Physician has been eulogised by colleagues and friends during his 80th birthday celebration at his residence in Accra.

They described him as a patriot and a humanitarian.

Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, former Presidential Candidate for the Convention People’s Party said sometime in life one may meet somebody unexpectedly and that individual becomes a source of light, inspirational and guidance for the rest of the years.

‘Naa Prof Edmund Delle is an individual who has so many important qualities and after being on the air for some time you will get to realise the qualities and individual displays that help you to maintain your friendship, love and respect for him,’ he stated.

Mr Greenstreet pointed out that the Professor is a hardworking person, saying: ‘nobody would know that what Prof Delle achieved in his professional life is not just intelligence or luck, but the man worked so hard. Dr Delle after doing h
is daily mass at the Christ the King Catholic Church goes back to work full day.’

‘He is absolutely extraordinary I don’t know whether it is because he is a Vigan or because he has special prayers from Nandom or some special angels covering him. Nobody would know that the Professor has escaped about three of most serious accidents in his life.’

He said Prof Delle ‘is a man of integrity, kindness, charisma, and a man who always has time for every human being.

Mr Greenstreet said on the political front he is called ‘Gazeri bayaroba’ ‘small but not small’. So, ladies and gentlemen he is 80 years today I know the way he treats himself that Prof Delle with God blessings we shall come again and celebrate his 90th and the 100th birthdays.

He asked God to give him long life so he would be a blessing to many.

Prof Kwame Karikari, the Dean of Communication Studies of the Wisconsin University expressed gratitude to Naa Prof Delle for rendering wonderful health service to families and individuals who called on him.

e said what has endeared him to Prof Delle for all these decades was his dedication to the profession he had sworn to, because he had gone beyond one hospital or one clinic since graduating from college up to today by making it a project to be the peoples’ doctor.

‘Prof Delle has walked the length and breath of this country setting up many clinics, small consulting areas to service people in our urban and rural areas for almost half a century.

‘He has almost every week for many decades travelling around this country helping most of the time people who couldn’t pay anything much less talking. And this is a man I think one can call a honourable patriot. He has put his professional service to the service of ordinary people, middle class people, to people in the elite and many,’ Prof Karikari stated.

He said there were many dimensions to the Professor as he is the Paramount Chief of Nandom, adding; ‘I am not surprised that he is the Paramount Chief of Nandom. He is a man many of the presidents that we have had
in this Fourth Republic have respected and consulted in so many different ways.

‘So, Prof Delle or honourable Paramount Chief, my very good friend we thank God for blessing you with so many years and good health to celebrate your 80th birthday. We thank God that he will continue to endow you with more health, wisdom, strength and continuous generosity that you have shown for this decades.’

Naa Prof Delle in a message urged Ghanaians to have faith in God and put all their hope on Him for His blessings, saying; ‘It is through God that I am alive till today. I had 13 accidents including a plane crash but by the grace of God I am celebrating my 80th birthday.

He encouraged the citizenry to eat more vegetables, fruits and to undertake physical exercise to improve their health.

Source: Ghana News Agency