Retired judge found dead in hotel room

Retired Magistrate Bisseck Dagobert was found found dead in a hotel rooming the nation’s capital, Yaounde.

His lifeless body was discovered in the night of Saturday August 26, 2023 in the Nkolbison quarter in Yaounde.

Early reports said the Magistrate entered the hotel room at about 2pm and was visited by a lady at 4pm. The lady was said to have left the hotel by 7:30pm and the lifeless body of the Magistrate later discovered at about 9:45pm. But the family has said he was seen in his car around MEEC neighborhood. Photos however showed him lying on a bed, lifeless.

Bisseck Dagobert died at the age of 74. Before his death, he was Magistrate at the Chamber of Accounts of the supreme court. He was the president of the judicial Chambar.

Source: Cameroon News Agency