A recent kidnapping in Bamenyam has stopped circulation on road linking Mbouda town to some parts of the Northwest region like Awing, Bali-Kumbat, Bali Gashu, Bamunkubit, and Bali Gansi. The roads were blocked around Bamenyam for more than 24 hours.

The vigilantes in Bamenyam demanded the release of the two girls they claimed were kidnapped by separatist fighters before the road will be passable again.

Several elites from Awing and security authorities have pleaded for the reopening, but efforts ended in futility.

The mayor of Galim and the DO arrived the place and tried calming down the people but there’s was no positive reaction from them.

A driver we communicated with said, they have been held hostage and the suffering he has gone through since Sunday, he is not sure to continue driving in through the road.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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