The young generation is Ghana’s new gold – German Ambassador

Mr Daniel Krull, the German Ambassador to Ghana, says empowering the youth is essential for Ghana’s future.

This is because, ‘the new gold of Ghana is the young generation’ whose growth needed to be invested in for a prosperous country and continent.

Speaking at this year’s German Ghanaian Cultural Festival to mark the Day of German Unity, the Ambassador assured that Germany was willing to continue to help in the refinement of the ‘new gold’ (the young and ambitious youth) for the country’s development.

The Unity Day was characterised by electrifying musical performances by some Ghana’s greats, including songstress Wiyaala, Okyeame Kwame, Black Prophet and International duo Crazy Keys and Souly Bird.

The Ambassador, as part of the celebration, presented Lifetime awards to some ‘Borga Hiplife’ artists who have excelled in the music industry promoting the Highlife genre in Ghana, Germany, and the globe.

German Unity Day commemorates the historic reunification of East and West Germany.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, reuniting loved ones after decades of separation and finally allowing people to travel freely inside Germany.

Germans across the country on this day reflect on their hard-earned reunification and desire to create a woven culture of shared understanding and growing closer as a cohesive community while celebrating the country’s diverse customs and identities.

In Ghana, the night of glitz and glamour and music from the turntables of radio DJ Andy Dosty, saw the Diplomatic Corps, the German Community, CEOs of German companies in Ghana, Government officials, Musicians, the media amongst others, dancing to great indigenous Ghanaian Highlife music and soothing reggae rhythms at the residence of the Ambassador in Accra.

Mr Krull said the day was a special day for them to thank their European partners in Europe and beyond, who supported their quest for unity.

At the same time, he noted that the day was to thank Ghana for the ‘kindness and friendliness’ of the people for making their stay enjoyable and enriching.

The Ambassador said Germany would continue to support Ghana in empowering the younger generation to gain the competence and confidence, knowledge, and experience necessary to build their own future in Ghana and beyond.

Germany, he said, stood ready to partner with Ghana ‘in this exciting and promising journey’ of investing in education, skills development, and opportunities for young people for economic growth.

The Ambassador said it was important to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership among the youth to address various challenges and unlock the continent’s potential.

Source: Ghana News Agency