West region: Governor encourages school resumption

Pupils and students across the West Region were called upon to focus on their studies and be serious from day 1 of the school year in order to succeed.

The message was dished out by Governor Awa Fonka Augustine on Monday September 4 in Babadjou Subdivision in the Bamboutos as he visited some schools to ensure the effective start of classes on day 1 of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Accompanied by the regional delegates of basic and secondary education, the representative of the West regional council, the SDO for Bamboutos and the Divisional Officer of Babadjou, the Governor visited GBHS Babadjou, GBPS Zavion, GBHS and GBPS Bachua where he insisted on the need for the students and pupils to respect the school programs and their teachers if they want to succeed.

“The students need to be focusd, and for them to succeed they need start with the school program on the very first day. We appreciated those who were present and asked them to respect the school program, respect the teachers, and all the orientations that are dished out to them” the Governor said.

On security issues, the Governor said students should remain vigilant and report case of foul play.

He also said many schools in Babadjou Subdivision, perticularly in Zavion are dominated by girls because most boys dropout from school to engage in income generating activities like gardening, driving and other businesses.

” Boys here who are occupied with something else should know that in any thing we do today, be it driving, farming etc, we need some basic education” added the Governor.

Governor Awa Fonka Augustine also visited some schools in other parts of the Region like GTHS Mbouda and Government Primary school Bamessingue, GTHS Galim and GPS Galim all in the Bamboutos. His tour was rounded up in the Noun division where he visited GBHS and GBPS Kouoptamo in Kouoptamo subdivision and GBHS Foumbot.

Source: Cameroon News Agency