Assembly passes by-law to protect natural resources

The Sissala West District Assembly has passed a by-law aimed to protect the natural resources of the Kara -Gandaawii and Aabiinchie Community Resource Area (CREMA).

Mr Navei Nyamaworun, the Presiding Member of the Assembly implored assembly members to contribute to the proposed by-law for the restoration of the environment and natural resources of the area, which was fast depleting.

Mr Nyamaworun said, ‘As the summons pertains, we are gathered here this morning to perform a special function, thus, to perform the legislative function conferred on us by Section 181 of the Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936)’.

It states: ‘A District Assembly may make by-laws for any function conferred on that District Assembly by this Act or any other enactment’.

He noted the Management of the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana with jurisdiction over the Sissala West District laid a by-law before the House.

The proposed by-law titled Community Resource Management Areas(CREMA) , focuses on the devolution
of management authority for communities that have organised themselves in the District to manage natural resources on their lands for sustainable development.

He tasked members, in compliance with due process, that the said by-law was referred to the Justice and Security sub-committee for consideration after going through the draft.

The Presiding Member said, ‘I employ every Member of this August House to contribute cogently to enrich the proposed by-law for passage. When that is done, we will be recognised by posterity for passing a robust by-law that not only stands the test of time but contributes to conserving the scarce natural resources of our dear district for sustainable development.’

The Chairman of the Justice and Security sub-committee, Mr N-Maajie Alhassan Sibri said that the creation of the CREMA, got support from the Ghana Landscape emission restoration project and disclosed that the Kara-Gandaawii covers twenty-one communities within Gandaawii and Gwollu enclave.

It provides a means of live
lihood among the people conserving natural resources to ensure efficiency and judicious resource management in the communities and District.

A motion was moved and seconded by all members leading to the passage of the Community resource management by-law for Kara Gandawi 2024.

Mr Baapeng Emmanuel, Project Manager, of the Ghana Shear Landscape Emission Restoration Project, (GSLERP) after the passage, assured all that by 2025, a lot of improved shear seedlings would be made available to the CREMA communities.

Mr Kpaal Elija, Assistant Park Manager, Gbele Resource Reserve, Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission, said the passing of these bye-law by the Sissala West Assembly marked an important milestone in the establishment of the Kara- Gandawii CREMA and the promotion of sustainable natural resource utilization in the district.

He lauded the CREMA executive committee members working closely with the various community resource management committees, saying ‘You can now have legislative backing to enfor
ce regulations set out in the CREMA constitution and ensure the protection of the resources within their communities whilst working closely with other stakeholders to undertake restoration activities.’

The Forestry Commission and the Ghana Shear Landscape Restoration Project (GSLERP) secretariat was satisfied with the high commitment exhibited by the assembly for passing the by-law.

Source: Ghana News Agency