Bafoussam: new born found in latrine

The macabre discovery was made by neighbors at about 3:00 AM this April 10 2023 at a place called Gabon Bar in the Banengo neighborhood of Bafoussam. The witnesses say they heard the incessant cries of a baby coming from the pit toilet and immediately alerted the fire fighting brigade.

Once there, the baby was removed from the toilet wrapped in a towel and left in a bucket. The baby’s mother has been identified as 32-year-old Raissa Moukoua, who happened to have had 6 children prior to this one. One of her sons testified that his mother handed him the bucket and asked him to dispose of it in the latrine.

The baby’s mother declaredd she was unaware of her pregnancy. Many wonder how she managed to have a baby all alone in her house and yet claimed she did not know there was a baby.

The new-born is currently under intensive medical care at the Bafoussam Regional Hospital while its mother has been arrested by forces of law and order.

Source: Cameroon News Agency