BNA warns of illegal exercise of “” entity

The National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) warned on Friday, in Luanda, that the entity “” is not allowed to carry out any financial activity in Angola, such as monetary application.

The BNA warns the commercial banks and the population in general to abstain from any business relationship with the aforementioned entity, because it is performing activities illegally.

“The entity is not allowed to exercise any financial activity subject to supervision in Angola, namely, the provision of financial services, deposits and monetary applications”, said the note published by the BNA.

According to the BNA, such activities are exclusively reserved to authorized banking financial institutions, whose list can be found on the web page of the Central Bank, at

Thus, the Central Bank of Angola also warns the promoters of this entity to refrain from any act that may be qualified as a very serious offence, provided and punishable under current legislation.

The National Reserve Bank of Angola, within the scope of its duties as supervisor of the Angolan financial system, is responsible for authorizing and supervising the activity of financial institutions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)