East: Sale of contraband petroleum products on the rise

Authorities charged with the fight against the sale of contraband petroleum products in the East region of Cameroon have raised concerns over the increase in the commercialization of the product.

A recent crackdown on dealers in the activity in that part of the country led to the confiscation of over 14,000 liters of illicit fuel, which authorities have said, accounts for the disruption of the production chain of petroleum products in Cameroon.

Health concerns constitute part of the worries raised. “Petroleum products are not supposed to be sold to consumers in containers and drums” Mr. Boussop, a member of the National Brigade for Petroleum Products in the East region indicates. He further discloses that the circulation is usually at its peak during weekends.

“During weekends, this activity intensifies,” the official says this makes them go as far as the Adamawa region in their control. “We go right up to Meiganga in the Adamawa region and Garoua-Boulai in the East region. Our aim is to completely solve this activity” Mr. Boussop notes.

As part of the measures taken already in the fight, a filling station in Garoua-Boulai has been sealed for selling contraband fuel. The authorities in the East region say moves of this nature will “help protect the government’s economic strategy”.

Source: Cameroon News Agency