Radio Ergo audience feedback report, 18 August 2022

Brief Analysis

Ongoing drought and water shortage, displacement, livelihood losses, escalation of food prices, and lack of support or aid, continued to preoccupy most callers this week (11-18 August 2022) to Radio Ergo’s audience feedback platform. Whilst there are many variables affecting usage of this call-in platform, in terms of numbers of calls this week Togdher, Sanag, and Galmudug stood out. Concerns over high prices were widespread across the country. Conflict in some areas exacerbated people’s drought challenges. Questions about COVID19 continued for the Radio Doctor to answer, as well as questions for other experts on the radio shows about livestock disease and farming issues. The following summarises the calls by theme.

Drought and water shortage – among the callers from Togdher there were many from Buhodle. They complained of severe water shortage affecting livestock and people and asked for water aid and assistance. A caller in Bhallidig said they luckily still had some water, whilst another in nearby Awdanle said they had no water. Callers in Burao prayed for rain and asked Somaliland government to help. Callers in Qorilugud, Sahil, and Sheikh said the drought was harsh and spoke of water shortage, affected livestock, and lack of vegetation. A caller in Talabur said their livestock could barely get any water at all now. In Gabiley, a caller said they were facing drought. Among Sanag callers, a caller in Badhan said they were suffering drought, water shortage, and malnutrition and they needed water, medicines, and other items from Somaliland government. Callers in El-afweyne, Erigabo, and Hingalol complained of severe drought and water shortage. A caller in Ragadeye said their well had been destroyed by the last heavy ‘Gu rains and they needed help to rebuild it. In Mudug, callers in Galkayo and Jariban said they were suffering from water shortage. Calls from Galgadud included Adado, Abudwak, Balanbale, Dusamareb, Dalsan, Marere, and Guriel. A female caller in Guriel said they needed aid agencies to bring them generators to be able to access water. A caller in Dusamareb said the main well supplying the area had dried up. In Hiran, a caller in Beletweyne said they had been displaced to rural areas after losing their livestock and needed help. A caller in Mahaday, M. Shabelle, said they had lost their livestock, inflation was high, and they had been neglected by aid agencies. A caller in Baidoa said more displaced people were joining the IDP camps and they needed aid.

Prices – callers in Buhodle and Sarar spoke of steep price rises and the need for the government agencies to intervene. A caller in Lasanod called on local businessmen to lower their prices. A female caller in Garowe said it was becoming harder to afford basic items. A caller in Mogadishu said the price rises were hefty, whilst a caller in Kismayo said they had been suffering a shortage of supplies. A female caller in Dobley, Gedo, said life was becoming hard due to high food prices. Another female in an unidentified area said profits from her shop had dwindled due to the high prices.

COVID19 – there were calls for the Radio Doctor about COVID19 from Gedo and Bossaso, among other places.

Source: Radio Ergo

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