Republic of Burundi: Operation Overview – 31 December 2022

UNHCR’s operation in Burundi supports refugees, two-thirds of whom live in camps in the eastern part of the country. Nearly 90,000 refugees and asylum seekers are registered in our database. Durable solutions are sought for vulnerable cases in parallel, UNHCR is assisting the government of Burundi to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of Burundian refugees. About 200,000 refugees have been repatriated since 2017. In collaboration with other humanitarian actors, UNHCR supports the protection of internally displaced persons in Burundi.




While the number of people for whom UNHCR has been entrusted with a responsability by the international community to protect and assist in Burundi continues to increase, the UN Refugee Agency continues to face an unprecedented funding gap. As of 31 December 2022, there were 304,400 persons in need of life-saving aid, while the funding levels stood at only 38%.


Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees