A week into school year, “operation dead chalk” loses steam, school authorities counterattack

Since the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, teachers have been answering present in various nursery, primary and Secondary schools in the West Region seemingly turning a deaf ear to the strike earlier announced by the OTS and OTA movements at the start of the new school year.

At GBHS Babadjou on Monday September 11, the remark made was that of a serene atmosphere with classes ongoing hitch free. The principal of the institution disclosed that 32 teachers of the 34 expected already answered present and all classes have been ongoing.

This remark was first made during Governor Awa Fonka Augustine’s visit to various schools on day 1 to ensure the effective resumption of lessons in his administrative unit. A tour that saw an 80% turnout by teachers as noticed by the Governor.

To backup the Governor, divisional delegates of basic and secondary education for the West on their part, made mention of the efforts already made by the government so far to seek lasting solutions to the teachers’ grievances.

” The government has taken into consideration the grievances of teachers. Many of the teachers, if not all have seen their working conditions improved through their payment slips, advances, bonuses and arrears. This is because the government is conscious of their conditions” Esaie Privat Komo, Regional delegate of basic education told reporters.

” The government is gradually fulfilling her promise, you can see over 90% of the debts were paid as simple as that. Those who have not yet had their arrears, have the programs for theirs to be settled.” Said the Divisional delegate of secondary education, François Ngabnya.

With these outings from stakeholders in the education sector and the administrative boss, it is clear that it was an organized strategy in the West Region to bury the “death chalk operation” and erase it from the minds of teachers.

Before the start of the new school year, the OTS called on teachers to go to schools dressed in black attire and make gatherings after signing their presence.

This, they said was to express their dissatisfaction against government for failing to respond to their grievances.

Source: Cameroon News Agency