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Achimota School: Two Year groups rehabilitate old assembly hall

The 1974 and 1984-Year Groups of Achimota School have rehabilitated the school’s old assembly hall into a state-of-the-art multipurpose facility.

The original scope was to rewire the building, as there had been several electrical fires in school buildings.

However, it soon became clear that the scope needed to be expanded drastically to include repairs to leaking roofs and damaged ceilings; upgrading electrical infrastructure; renovating washrooms; restoring parquet floors; restoring the doors; improving the audio room and hall with audiovisual equipment; and a fresh coat of paint from the white, black and orange to white and shades of grey in line with the colour scheme of the Aggrey Chapel.

The rehabilitation was announced at this year’s Founders Day celebration of Achimota School, affectionately called Motown, at the weekend.

Mr Gordon Quartey, President of the 1974 Year Group, who announced the renovation, said the project, scheduled for completion in November 2024, was completed six months ahead of s

The year group presidents of 1974 and 1984- Gordon Quartey and Ayitey Bulley- and their members funded the 2024 Motown Founders’ Day celebrations marking their 50th and 40th years, respectively.

The Founders Day celebration honours and remembers not only the Founding ‘Fathers’ of the school but all the great women and men who have passed through the school and gone into the world to become ‘Living Waters to a Thirsty Land.’

The Founders’ Day Celebration is a weekend of activities to remember the troika of founders of the school Guggisberg, Fraser and Aggrey, as well as all the influential Ghanaians who have passed through the school, and to remind past and present students of the lofty vision of Achimota, as well as recalibrate it for the future.

Founders’ Day celebrates tremendous achievements of all Alumni referred to as Akoras in various fields to inspire the younger generation to strive for higher heights.

This year’s Founders’ Day celebration marks the countdown to the centennial anniversar
y in 2027 with a series of activities and projects lined up to restore the legacy of academic excellence.

Source: Ghana News Agency