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AGIT celebrates Ghana’s 67th Independence Day in Thailand

The Association of Ghanaians in Thailand (AGIT) and the Consulate of Ghana in Thailand have commemorated Ghana’s 67th Independence Day in Thailand.

The event held at the Future Arena in Rangsit was a testament to the unity and diversity of the African diaspora in Thailand, as representatives from Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria communities participated, fostering camaraderie and cultural exchange among African nations.

The 2024 festivities took on a special significance as the Ghanaian and Kenyan Ambassadors to Thailand joined in the revelry, emphasising the theme ‘Our Democracy, Our Pride.

The event was characterised by African music, dance performances, and culinary delights depicting a rich tapestry of African culture.

Mr. Phillip Arthur, the President of the Association, said in his welcome address that it was the collective responsibility of Africans in Thailand to demonstrate their prowess when given the chance.

Mr Arthur mentioned that the meeting marks the beginning of a greater mo
vement that would positively impact Thai society and allow the African presence to be felt as a force for good in the country.

He urged Africans in the country to forge ahead with determination, knowing that their current actions would contribute to a brighter and more united future for Africans in Thailand and beyond.

Mr. Lindsay Kiptine, Kenya’s Ambassador and special guest for the celebration, commended Ghana’s journey towards independence and its steadfast commitment to democratic principles, serving as an inspiration for the entire continent.

He advised African youth residents in Thailand to stay away from every form of foul activity that would seek to undermine the relationship Africans have enjoyed in Thailand over the years and encouraged them to work hard and invest in their various countries.

Mrs. Florence B. Akonor, Ghana’s Ambassador to Thailand, emphasised the importance of preserving democratic ideals and promoting socio-economic development in Africa.

She lauded the efforts of AGIT and the
Consulate in fostering collaboration and partnership among African communities in Thailand.

She stated that ‘as Ghanaians, both leaders and citizens collaborate to confront challenges through dialogue instead of violence, encourage tolerance, respect for all ethnicities and political viewpoints, and embrace all religions.’

Source: Ghana News Agency