All New GS8 Wows Crowd in 6 Middle East Markets

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the Middle East, six countries welcome the upgraded second-generation ALL NEW GS8 in the past quarter. With a bold and futuristic design style, surging power and pioneering smart configurations, the new model has already received wide recognition across international markets and will continue to support GAC International’s steady expansion of its brand influence on the global stage.

Massive Applause and Coverage from Celebrity Influencers, Hero Model Enjoys Instant Sales Success

The debut of All New GS8 in Bahrain attracted the attention of nearly 100 media outlets, with the model earning major praise from local newspaper Albilad for its “exceptional product strength”.

Moreover, Saudi vlogger Almuraba, with over 10 million social media followers, expressed the admiration: “We’ve always thought of Chinese cars as simple, but this car has redefined that idea, it really is a ‘beast’ filled with endless luxury.”

In Kuwait, over 200 celebrity influencers gathered to cover the launch story, and all available top-specs of the luxury flagship 7-seater SUV sold out instantly with a further 60 orders placed.

Show-Stopping Introductions Unlock New Journey

Launch of All New GS8 in the UAE also doubled as the opening ceremony of the latest showroom in Abu Dhabi, which featured an exciting test-ride in the famed Yas Marina Circuit, venue of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the GAC model’s superb capability and market-leading technology.

In Qatar, the new model launch event was held at the Doha Festival Mall located in the city’s top business district, rounding off a color theme “ink seal green”. Loyal customers also received their brand-new cars at a trade-in ceremony, marking the beginning of another exciting journey.

At the showroom in Erbil, Iraq, the All New GS8 made its much-anticipated reveal to the media professionals and customer representatives, and received immediate great praise. The first Iraqi buyers of All New GS8 received keys to their new rides on the same day.

Powerful Strategies Fuel Growth in the Middle East Market

Extensive channel coverage boosted the sales data in the first half of 2022. In addition to the All New GS8, All New GS4 and All New GN6 have both doubled in their respective sales performances. With the launch of its new models, GAC International will reinforce its reputation in the Middle East and beyond.

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