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Alumni Association of Fred Newton Binka School of Public Health inaugurated

The Alumni Association of the Fred Newton Binka School of Public Health (FNBSPH), University of Health and Allied Sciences has been inaugurated with a five-member executive inducted into office.

The executive member are: Mr Patrick Agbenu, President; Ms Patricia Kafui Agbozo, Vice President; Mr Raphael Kwabena Angmortey, Secretary; Mr Robert Dedi, Financial Secretary; and Mr Godwin Adjei, FNBSPH Alumni Coordinator.

Professor Frank Baiden, Dean of FNBSPH, emphasized the essence of an alumnus group and the need for all members to belong and contribute their quota to its development.

Professor Emeritus Binka encouraged the executives to rally the entire FNBSPH alumni association to occupy sensitive spots in the health sector to advance the public health discipline in the country.

He recounted the instituting of the School of Public Health in Hohoe, highlighting the challenges encountered as well as the assistance he received from key individuals like Professor Margaret Kwaku that made the establishment of th
e school a reality.

Professor Paul Amuna, former Dean of the School who inducted the executives charged them to sacrifice more to achieve their set goals and objectives.

Professor Margaret Kwaku detailed her contribution to the setting up of the institution, her professional career and how it impacted the roll out of the Seasonal Malaria Chemotherapy in Ghana.

She also tasked the newly inducted executives to continue to push the frontiers of public health in the country.

Mr Patrick Agbenu, Alumni Association President, shared the journey after school and the efforts it took to receive financial clearance for recruitment. He mentioned the impressive feat most of the members have accomplished and the poise for action.

Mr Gabriel Agbanyo, UHAS Alumni President, said: ‘We embark on this journey together, let us rekindle the spirit of unity and solidarity that defines us over the past years. Let us work hand in hand to support current students, mentor the next generation and give back to the institution that
has given us so much.’

The theme for the inauguration was: ‘Healthy Partnerships for Public Health Interventions and development.’

Source: Ghana News Agency