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Amnesty International pays courtesy call on Attorney General’s Office

Amnesty International (AI) and its partner, Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) Centre, have paid a courtesy call on the office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to discuss i human rights issues in Ghana.

The meeting was attended by AI Ghana’s Country Director, Genevieve Parting ton, accompanied by staff, board members and representatives of Sanneh Institute, Perfector of Sentiments (POS) Foundation and Legal Resources Centre.

During the meeting, Madam Partington and CSO’s highlighted’ concerns over recent human rights developments in Ghana and the need to address the issues with immediate attention.’

On the Witchcraft Accusations Bill, she expressed concern with the continued prevalence of witchcraft accusations in Ghana, saying ‘such accusations often lead to violence, discrimination and human rights abuses against innocent individuals, particularly elderly women.’

She called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to protect people from being physically and mentally abused because of wi
tchcraft accusations.

She urged government to take decisive action to address this issue, ‘including implementing comprehensive awareness campaigns, providing support services for victims, and enforcing laws to hold perpetrators accountable.’

On Death Penalty, Mr. Francis Nyantakyi, board chair of AI Ghana, expressed concern on the President’s refusal to sign the Armed Forces bill Amendment to abolish the death penalty.

He said the death penalty was violating fundamental human rights and the President’s refusal to signed the bill into law threatened to undermine Ghana’s progress in upholding human rights standards.

He further inquired on the necessary steps to take to reintroduce the bill to parliament and how Non-Governmental Organisations could support to ensure its finally abolishment.

He expressed the need to commute the sentences of those on death row to life sentences and inquired the steps to be taken for and how CSO’s could support.

Other human rights issues such as prison conditions and over-cr
owding were highlighted by the partner CSO’s in attendance.

They inquired on the progress made so far on the Community Sentencing Bill to reduced over-crowding in prisons and improve methods of reform for offenders.

Madam Partington urged the office of the AG to take immediate action to address those human rights concerns, adding that upholding human rights was not only a legal obligation but also a moral imperative that defined our commitment to justice and equality for all.

She expressed AI’s readiness to collaborate with government and other stakeholders to advance human rights in Ghana and ensure that every individual lived with dignity and respect.

Source: Ghana News Agency