ANPG launches tender for oil concessions

The National Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANPG) launched, this Friday, the process for the award of oil exploration concessions dubbed “Tender 2023”, for the exploration of oil in the onshore basins of the Lower Congo, in Zaire Province, and of Kwanza (Luanda).

According to a press release, to which ANGOP had access, the deadline for submitting proposals extends until November 15th of this year, in compliance with the 40 days provided by law.

The tender covers 12 oil blocks, four in the Lower Congo Onshore Basin (CON 2, CON 3, CON 7 and CON 8) and eight in the Kwanza Onshore Basin (KON 1, KON 3, KON 7, KON 10, KON 13 , KON 14, KON 15 and KON 19).

As National Concessionaire and holder of mining rights for prospecting, research, evaluation, development and production of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons throughout the Angolan territory, ANPG states that all national and foreign companies that are interested can apply for the tender

Source: Angola Press News Agency