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Atanga Nji issues warning against activities by ‘illicit’ political movements

By Charity Nginyu

Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, has issued a strong warning against the creation and activities of illicit political movements operating in the country.

The movements, cited as ‘Alliance Politique pour le Changement’ and ‘Alliance pour une Transition Politique au Cameroun,’ he says are illegal and a threat to the nation’s democratic principles.

In a recent communique, Paul Atanga Nji condemned the actions of certain political leaders whom he says have attempted to establish fake associations in defiance of legal regulations.

‘These clandestine movements have no legal existence and cannot carry out any political activity nationwide,’ Minister Nji stated, referring to the provisions of Law No. 90-56 of 19 December 1990 on political parties.

He further emphasized that only legalized political parties are permitted to apply for authorizations from Administrative Authorities for public meetings, demonstrations, conferences, or rallies.

Moreover, Minister
Nji warned against any attempts to forge alliances with convicts, stressing that such actions undermine public order and pose a grave threat to national security.

‘The status of member of parliament or politician does not authorize anyone to defy State authority with impunity or stir up rebellion,’ Minister Nji stressed.

Minister Atanga Nji concluded by declaring that any attempt to organize activities under the aforementioned movements or similar names would be considered a serious offense.

Source: Cameroon News Agency