Attacks on Health Care Bi-Monthly News Brief: 11 – 24 January 2023

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).




Burkina Faso


15 January 2023: Between Tougouri and Taparko towns, Namentenga province, Centre-Nord region, an NGO vehicle was hijacked by suspected JNIM militants. The driver was removed from the vehicle and the vehicle taken away. Source: ACLED


17 January 2023: In Vato-Mossi village, Bam province, Centre-Nord region, medicine at the health centre in the village was stolen by suspected JNIM militants. Source: ACLED1 Cameroon


14 January 2023: In Mandoussa village, Koza commune, Far North region, a local health centre was looted and vandalised by suspected Boko Haram militants. Source: APPIC


Democratic Republic of the Congo


11 January 2023: In Mathembe neighbourhood, Butembo city, North Kivu province, unidentified armed men wearing civilian clothes broke into a local health centre and forcefully evacuated the staff and the patients before setting the health centre on fire. Source: Radio Moto


13 January 2023: In Aungba town, Alur Djuganga chieftaincy, Mahagi territory, Ituri province, suspected Cooperative for the Development of the Congo (CODECO) militants killed the medical director of Aungba general hospital while on a visit at a neighbour’s house. The authorities do not exclude the possibility that the victim was targeted because of his remarks in a recent public security meeting with different stakeholders. Source: Actualité and Radio Okapi


15 January 2023: In Afoyorwoth village, Mahagi territory, Ituri province, a local health centre was looted and vandalised by CODECO militants. Source: Actualité


16 January 2023: In Museya village, Beni territory, North Kivu province, suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants looted a number of pharmacies. The perpetrators also targeted a local health structure but were prevented from advancing due to a nearby military position. Following the attack, local health providers reduced services and increased security. Source: Radio Moto I and Radio Moto II


23 January 2023: In Makungwe village, Isale Kasongwere grouping, Bashu chieftaincy, Beni territory, North Kivu province, a pharmacy was looted and vandalised by suspected ADF militants during an attack on the village, during which around 20 people were killed. Source: Radio Moto




17 January 2023: In Tin Hama town, Ansongo cercle, Gao region, two volunteer health workers from the Idourfane community were killed and four other people were arrested by Wagner mercenaries and GATIA militiamen during an incursion into the town. Source: ACLED1 23 January 2023: In Menaka town, cercle and region, a UN doctor was kidnapped by unidentified bandits from his car. The driver was also attacked but was not kidnapped.


Source: World Health Organization