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Babadjou-Bamenda: Road nears completion- Ministry

The Babadjou-Matazem section of the road linking the West and the North West region is almost complete, the Ministry of Public Works revealed.

‘As at 15 March 2024, the physical progress of works on this 17 km route linking Babadjou to Matazem stood at 93% for the main road. In detail, earthworks and sub-base have been completed along the entire distance, bituminous-bound graded aggregate base course and bituminous concrete surfacing have been laid over 16.8 km, and signing works had been completed over 14 km.’ The ministry said.

From Matazem, near Santa, the road is taking its shape with the laying of the base on the Matazem Welcome to Bamenda section, further information revealed.

‘On this section, 18 km long, which is lot 2 of the Babadjou-Bamenda road, the base is being laid and as at 15 March, it covered 5.5 km. Earthworks are carried throughout the route and the sub-base is laid over 10 km. Of the 52 hydraulic structures of the project, 48 are completed and the prefabricated parts of the remaining 4
are available. As in section 1, the project equally includes a related component, namely the development of Mile 11 – Lake Awing – Farmers Potatoes Warehouse – Catholic School Afuh – Awing Market – GHS Mewungne -Three Corners Awing road.’

Users of this road are waiting for the good news when completion will be announced. For more than teo decades, this road has been in bad state but was an object of political discourse.

Source: Cameroon News Agency