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Bamboutos: Farmers say No, to planting date recommended by NOCC


The National Observatory on Climate Change (NOCC) in its recent weather forecast made public by the department of National Meteorology, announced that the first planting season in the West Region and in some parts of the North West Region should commence on April 2. As from this date according to the Observatory, the atmosphere will be characterized by heavy downpours of at least 30 millimeters, a level highly recommended by experts to plant.

But on the field, the remark is different as many farmers began planting since the start of the first rains at the beginning of the month of March contrary to what experts recommend.

‘The National Observatory says we should start planting on a particular date but we follow the weather and not what they say. The weather tells us when to plant. We have seen for ourselves that the rains are back and cannot wait again’ declared a farmer.

‘I planted since the start of rains and cannot remove my plants that have germinated because they have said so. I saw
rain and planted and don’t think the dry season will be back. The climat this year is different’ says another farmer.

Knowing that there is a slight change in climatic conditions, these farmers say they are not worried of the change because their crops

‘ We planted and we think the crops will do good. How should they say we should wait for almost a month after the rains before planting? I don’t believe that.’ She adds.

According to experts, the first rains are not the best for crops.

‘We recommend that farmers wait for at least three good rains, in a way that the soil will be soft and ready before planting. If not the grains will be burnt in the soil and they will be obliged to plant again.’ says Edwige Soup, Divisional delegate of Agriculture and Rural development for Bamboutos

‘ Concerning recommendations of the National Observatory on Climate change, rains between March 1-10 will be under observation because they will be sporadic and will lead to an increase in temperatures, thus humidity.’ She Adds

The localities called upon to begin planting on April 2 are Bamboutos, Noun, Upper Plateaux, Upper Nkam, Menoua, Koung-Khi and Nde in the West Region, Mezam, Menchum, Bui and Ngo-Ketunjia in North West, Lebialem and Kupe-Manenguba in the South West region.

In other parts of these Regions, The national Observatory recommends that the planting season begins on March 23, 2024.

Source: Cameroon News Agency