Bamenda: Suspected killers of Police Commissioner, arrested

Security sources in Bamenda, North West region, say four men suspected of having a hand in the killing of Mr Assilas, the Commissioner of Police Special Branch in Bamenda II sub-division recently, have been arrested.

Same security sources say the four suspects were arrested for interrogation but they pleaded not guilty.

Their arrest comes after several young men reportedly ran out of the Ntamulung neighborhood following the death of the Commissioner for fear of being arrested or executed in a raid that has become common in the restive Anglophone regions.

The source added that security forces are leaving no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to book.

Commissioner Assilas described as a good, simple, and friendly police commissioner was killed on August 31st while in civilian attire, as he was using the Ngeng junction – Ntamulung to the Sonac street stretch of road because of maintenance works along the Ngeng – veterinary junction road.

Assilas was driving from Up-station where he lived to his office at the old council building at Ntarikon Bamenda II, that fateful day when gunmen known to be separatist fighters attacked and killed him.

He passed away while being rushed to the Mbingo Hospital at Finance Junction.

Source: Cameroon News Agency