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Bamoun royal palace museum set for grand inauguration on April 13th

By Charity Nginyu

The anticipation mounts as the inauguration date for the highly awaited Bamoun Royal Palace Museum approaches. Scheduled for April 13th, 2024, the auspicious event will mark the grand unveiling of a cultural gem, to showcase the rich heritage and traditions of the Bamoun people.

The announcement of the inauguration date was made by the traditional ruler, Nfonrifoum Mbombo Njoya Mouhamed Nabil, known as the Sultan of the Bamouns.

In a recent release, the Sultan revealed that the event, to be held in the historic city of Foumban, will be graced under the patronage of the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

The journey towards the creation of the Bamoun Royal Palace Museum has been one of reverence and dedication to preserving the essence of Bamoun heritage. While the former palace museum held a distinguished status as one of the nation’s finest, the decision to construct a new edifice arose from a collective desire to elevate the cultural narrative to even greater heights.

Designed by the
visionary architect Issofou

highlights architectural brilliance and cultural symbolism. Embodying the emblems of the Bamoun people, including the iconic double-headed snake, a symbol of resilience and duality, a spider representing creativity and ingenuity, and a double-mounted gong signifying unity and harmony, the museum serves as a living tribute to centuries-old traditions.

Source: Cameroon News Agency