Bar. Tamfu reacts to exclusion from CRM

Barrister Tamfu Richard, the legal mind who has been very instrumental as a militant of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party has been officially served an exclusion letter signed by the National President, Prof. Maurice Kamto on Tuesday 1st August 2023.

According to the Barrister, this is a bitter pill to swallow:

“To tell you the truth, that is what I least expected. So I was shocked receiving that decision. When i went through that decision I noticed that there were a lot of unfounded accusations leveled against me and I understood it was to put an end to my political ambition to challenge Prof. Maurice Kamto as President of the party. I accept the unfair decision. As a jurist, I will not want to waste energy and time dragging the party to court and tarnishing its image because I loved the party. I humbly bow out and look forward.”

Being a responsible party, a softer decision should have been taken, according to the lawyer.

“I should have been served at least a period of suspension from my political ambition or maybe a call to order because I don’t see the gravity of the accusations on me. Honestly speaking, I have given my all to the CRM party but if this is how the bigwigs want to repay me, fine. I just want to note that it is a very bad image to our democracy. From the decision, the message relayed is clear. They don’t welcome contrary opinions.”

Asked at which political party’s door he will go knocking next, Bar. Tamfu said that it is not on his mind at the moment.

“For now it’s not yet certain. I have no ambition of creating a political party or joining one for now but I am now a free mind, a free thinker. I can express myself freely in the society. I will be more useful as a civil society actor,” Bar. Tamfu Richard told CNA.

It should be noted, Bar. Tamfu was officially kicked out of the CRM party on August 1, 2023 alongside Armand Noutack right after Bar. Mitchel Ndoki after she was accused of insubordination and sabotage against the party President and the entire CRM party.

Source: Cameroon News Agency