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Cameroonian MP files complaint against President Biya for holding dual roles

Cameroonian Member of Parliament, Jean-Michel Nintcheu, has filed a complaint against President Paul Biya, accusing him of holding ‘cumulative functions’ in violation of the country’s laws.

Nintcheu reiterated that Biya is operating simultaneously as President of the Republic of Cameroon and National President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party, which he deems illegal.

Nintcheu, a prominent political figure and former member of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), who now leads his own party, the FCC, asserts that holding both positions by Biya is unconstitutional.

In a viral video, he demanded Biya either resign as President of the Republic or relinquish his role as National President of the CPDM.

‘Either Mr. Biya resigns as President of the Republic to maintain his position as National President of the CPDM, or he resigns as National President of the CPDM and remains President of the Republic,’ Nintcheu stated firmly.

Furthermore, reports indicate that Nintcheu has also lodged a c
omplaint against Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Minister of State and Secretary General at The Presidency of The Republic, alleging usurpation of the office of President of the Republic.

Both President Biya and Secretary General Ngoh Ngoh have yet to respond to the complaints filed against them by the Member of Parliament.

The legal action taken by Nintcheu has sparked debates across the country, drawing attention to the issue of dual roles within the government and political party leadership.

This development adds to the political tension in Cameroon, where concerns over governance and accountability have been mounting in recent years.

Source: Cameroon News Agency