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Cameroon’s Defense Forces, wowed by Human rights advocacy campaign

With the crises in the Region, more cases of Human Rights violations have come up which explains the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP’s initiative to organize a 1-day training program in Mindiff, Mayo Kani Division, Far North Cameroon to drill close to 105 Cameroonian military men and women on the importance of respecting Human Rights while safeguarding the civilian population as they tirelessly fight against the armed non-state group.

The capacity building Workshop that took place on February 20, 2024, was aimed at making sure that the participants are better equipped to protect the rights of civilians.

‘Defence and security forces play a very important role in Stabilisation. Without them, there can be no stabilization. But we have to be certain that what they do is in line with the respect of human rights that Cameroon Subscribe to through Conventions. So, we assist in training in the light of human rights which is also a necessity in the human rights’ due diligence concept.

So, we want to ensu
re this Principle is respected and we come behind to reconstruct Schools, administrations, Police, and military Stations, with the means allocated to us”. Head of the UNDP Stabilisation Programme in Maroua said.

‘The Cameroonian defense forces must respect its local population, respect the laws of the country and humanitarian laws so as not to be punished’ the head of the Far North branch of the Cameroon Human Rights Commission, Basini Wadepou said.

‘It is important for them while conducting operations to earn the trust and support of the civilian population’ Basini Wadepou added.

UNDP officials however maintained, reports show that Human Rights abuses have reduced.

‘We know they have learned about all these, but we thought it necessary to remind them once more. They should not just be hearers but more importantly, put the knowledge gained from the training into use by ensuring the protection of civilians and respect for human rights in their daily routine.’

‘We need not brutalize civilians and if we se
e someone wounded, we should give them first aid,’ Mballa Tala Benedicte, 2nd class soldier who took part in the awareness-raising campaign said.

‘I was satisfied hearing all of this given that I am just at the beginning of my career. This will help me’ Mballa Added.

Lele Brenda who also participated in the seminar said, she has learned to watch her attitude while on the field. ‘I have also learned about international humanitarian law and gained knowledge on gender-based violence’ Lele Added.

UNDP Officials say they remain committed to accompanying the state to carry out more training for a better Cameroon.

The training was organised in partnership with Cameroon’s Human Rights Commission.

Source: Cameroon News Agency