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Chieftaincy is not a part-time job’- Prince Mba

Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity, a human rights organisation has stated that chieftaincy in traditional areas is not a part-time job for particularly people in the Civil and Public organisations.

‘The idea of installing chiefs is to build a bond between the chief and his subjects, especially in finding solutions to problems, and should not be left for people who get in touch with their people periodically.’

‘There’s a need to draw the attention of governments and the National House of chiefs about the growing tendency of Absenteeism of Paramount chiefs in their various paramountcy.

‘The situation has almost become terrible that chiefs will seek permission from employers in the cities to go back home to settle very important issues pertaining to the community’.

Mr Mba who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the growing trend of absenteeism among some chiefs in the country cautioned that it was a full-time institution and those not willing to follow through should make way for oth
ers to take it up.

‘If you are not prepared for the role of a paramount chief, vacate for a more competent and available Royal to the meaningful role as expected.

‘It’s not a part time job and should not be treated as such. It calls for full time commitment. It’s rather unfortunate that non royals with political influences would hijack this age long traditional leadership’.

He said the Ashantihene, Nayiri, Bongonaba, Navropio,in all fairness had to resign from important high paying and lucrative jobs to ascend on their thrones and Public and civil servants desirous of becoming paramount chiefs should as a matter of principle and a measure of trust and commitment resign from their jobs.

He added’Receiving salaries from workplace and traditional council allowances is tantamount to double salary payment’.

Source: Ghana News Agency