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College Alumni honor long-serving nightwatchman with renovated home

By Charity Nginyu

In a bid to display gratitude and generosity, former students of Lourdes College have come together to honor one of their own, Pa Joe, a dedicated night watchman who served the institution for 41 years.

The Ex-students embarked on a project three months ago to rehabilitate Pa Joe’s home, ensuring his comfort and well-being in his retirement years.

This was upon discovering that Pa Joe’s living conditions were not as comfortable as they should be. The alumni sprang into action to remodel his house.

The result is a stunning transformation including a modern bathroom and toilet, both indoor and outdoor kitchens, tiled floors, and a satellite dish providing access to 452 channels of entertainment.

Furthermore, the renovated home has been furnished with essential appliances such as a fridge and TV, three bedroom sets, and a double bunk for his grandchildren. A fully installed solar panel system, complemented by Eneo electricity has been installed to ensure a reliable power supply, while outd
oor bathroom facilities and a backup water tank provide added convenience.

In addition to the physical upgrades to his home, Pa Joe was also granted a lifetime pension, the exact amount of which remains undisclosed for security reasons. He received a complete set of utensils, bedding, towels, and special outfits, ensuring his comfort and dignity are upheld.

As the finishing touches are put in place, anticipation builds for the grand celebration planned for Palm Sunday, where Pa Joe will have the opportunity to celebrate his 85th birthday and 55th wedding anniversary in style. The event will also mark the unveiling of his newly renovated home, as well as the formal recognition of his service by the Vatican.

Source: Cameroon News Agency