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Come out with realistic plans on power outages- Abu Kansangbata

Mr Abu Kansangbata, a former Deputy Upper West regional Minister has called on the government to come out with realistic plans that will ameliorate the plight of Ghanaians from the intermittent power outages they are facing.

‘In order to restore trust and confidence in the government’s ability to address the Dumsor crisis, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive timetable that provides clarity and predictability for businesses and individuals alike’.

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Mr Kansangbata said access to such a timetable would enable businessmen and women to plan their daily activities more effectively.

That , he said would also mitigate the adverse effects of power outages on productivity and economic stability.

He said despite assurances from the government, the reality on the ground painted a grim picture, with ‘Dumsor’ exacerbating the challenges faced by citizens and businesses alike.

‘From increased production costs for businesses to disruptions in daily activiti
es for households, the impact of ‘Dumsor’ is felt across all sectors of society. As citizens demand accountability and effective solutions from their leaders, my criticism serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and urgent action to address the pressing challenges in Ghana’s power supply.

Source: Ghana News Agency