Council inducted to promote Christian doctrines

Christian Professors International Association (CPIA) has inducted nine executive officers into office to promote and disseminate effective Christian doctrines. The executive officers are from different denominational groups that formed the CPIA. The officers have been mandated to positively influence people in their church groups to grow the church by spreading the Gospel. The induction also saw the launch of CPIA in Accra. The ceremony was under the theme: ‘Significant of Church State Collaboration in Solving Global and Social Challenges’. Professor Ofosu Emmanuel Asare, President of CPIA, said the association was to uphold the sanctity of the Gospel and to create an environment in which every individual was cared for spiritually, morally, socially intellectually, and emotionally. That, he said, would set the Church as a benchmark for the country’s economic growth. Prof. Asare admonished Christian professors to help the ordinary Christian to understand the doctrines of God. He said churches must defend the Gospel and faith of the Church to impact society positively. Prof. Asare said the CPIA would educate its members to employ technical skills and techniques in preaching the word of God. ‘We need pastors who know what the doctrine is about and how to shepherd nonbelievers into accepting the Gospel’, he added. According to him, ‘this is a promise the CPIA will implement and ensure its success.’ Professor Osei Osafo Kantanka, Methodist Bishop of Kumasi, said the world needed evangelists who understood the faith to be able to propagate the Gospel. He said there was a need for churches to cooperate to promote the doctrines of God in one concept. Prof. Kantanka said Christian professors must have the ability to think and understand to justify the doctrines, adding that ‘we need people with strong intellectual skills to be able to defend the faith of the Church’. The CPIA is to conduct research, defend Christian doctrines in the academic settings and the Church, help discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit the knowledge, wisdom and values that will help ensure the survival of future generation and improve quality of life for all. CPIA is a registered Non-Governmental Christian Organization (NGO) set-up to facilitate relationships towards God’s government through generations.

Source: Ghana News Agency