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Court remands 19-year-old man for threatening his mother

The Gbetsile Circuit Court has remanded Joshua Narh, a 19-year-old, unemployed, in custody for threatening his mother, Doris Narh, a 44-year-old, with a knife and with words to wit, ‘I will stab you for preventing me from entering the room.’

The court, presided over by Mrs. Eleanor Kakra Banes Botchway, remanded the accused to reappear on December 12, 2023.

Prosecuting Inspector Maxwell Ayeh told the court that the complainant, Doris, is a trader who resides in Afienya-Zugbanyatey, whereas the accused, Joshua, is the son of the complainant.

The accused is a resident of the same address as the complainant but has a separate room.

The prosecution told the court that on Sunday, November 12, 2023, while Doris was in her shop, she had information that the accused person was causing damage to her locked room in an attempt to enter, and when she rushed to the scene, she met Joshua in the act.

Inspector Ayeh said the complainant attempted to stop him, but the accused struggled with her and, in the process, push
ed her on the ground. Joshua further pounced on the complainant while she was on the ground.

The prosecution said Joshua pulled a knife from his attire and threatened to stab Doris if she dared prevent him from entering the room.

The complainant’s daughter, who is a witness in the case, shouted, which attracted their neighbours who rescued the complainant.

Subsequently, a complaint was lodged, leading to the arrest of Joshua, who, after investigation, was charged with the offence and arraigned before the court to stand trial.

Source: Ghana News Agency