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Douala: Bunch of car keys seized from a suspected car thiefMrs Lordina Mahama pushes for inclusion as she interacts with queen mothers to celebrate Women’s Day

Dozens of car keys were seized from a suspected car thief in the Village neighborhood of Douala, by an anti-crime unit at the GMI 2.

These are keys he used to force-start vehicles poorly stationed or parked at unsecured places.

‘He has been in this criminal activity for a long time. Stealing of vehicles not well parked and found at unsecured places. He used Toyota keys to start the Toyota vehicle and where the key did not correspond with the mark of the vehicle, he forced it to start. That is how your vehicle disappears.’ Head of the anti-crime unit of the GMI 2, Awa Christian, said.

The suspected car thief fell into the dragnet of the security forces following a complaint deposited at the GMI 2 by a mechanic about a stolen Toyota vehicle at his garage in the Village neighborhood on February 28, 2024.

‘That fateful day while at the garage, a customer brought his vehicle for me to resolve a mechanical problem. Since I was exhausted I couldn’t do it that evening and decided to do it the next day. Upon my a
rrival at the garage, I could not find the car. Since then I never had peace of mind. I decided to file a complaint. Narrated the mechanic.

The suspect was whisked to the Judicial police to answer charges.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

The President and founder of the Lordina Foundation, Mrs Lordina Dramani Mahama on Friday hosted an interaction with the National Queen Mothers Platform to commemorate the 2024 International Women’s Day.

The interaction focused on the theme of ‘Inspiring Inclusion’. allowed the queen mothers and the former first lady to discuss how society, especially women, could best help push and uplift women.

‘We must inspire inclusion and create a powerful force that has the potential to change our communities and our country,’ Mrs Mahama stated.

She also highlighted the significant impact of investing in women, both morally and economically. Mrs Mahama pointed out that everyone benefited when women reached their full potential, leading to healthier, more educated, and more prosperous communities.

Additionally, Mrs Mahama highlighted the contributions of the Lordina Foundation in supporting women and children in need.

She revealed that the foundation had provided support for education, small businesses, and healthc
are facilities, particularly focusing on maternal and child health.

Mrs Mahama also shared a success story from the Lordina Foundation’s involvement in building a new maternity and children’s ward for the Bole District Hospital, which led to zero maternal mortality in 2023.

Mrs Mahama encouraged women to recommit themselves to empowering women, creating an inclusive society, and investing in every woman’s potential and pledged to continue her efforts through the Lordina Foundation to support communities and inspire inclusion for women nationwide.

Source: Ghana News Agency