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Dr Apaak supports constituents with working tools

Dr Clement Abasinaab Apaak, the Member of Parliament (MP) of Builsa South, Upper East Region, has presented assorted working tools worth GHS105,730.00 to 113 youth in his constituency to undergo skills training.

The start-up kits were sets of mechanic and electrical tools, hairdressing equipment, 24 pieces of sewing machines and threads, pairs of scissors, towels, hair rollers, building levers, plastic chairs, and carpentry tools among others.

The beneficiaries would be trained in electrical works, wielding, carpentry, refrigerator repairs, masonry, hairdressing, tailoring, vehicle repairs and vulcanising.

Dr Apaak, at a ceremony at Fumbisi to present the items, said he also paid the apprenticeship fee of GHS64,330.00 for the beneficiaries, who had been assigned to various trainers in the respective fields.

‘We know that apprenticeship goes with a fee for good reason. The masters must also buy their equipment. They must spend their time training the apprentices, and by custom, they are expected to pay an
apprenticeship fee,’ he said.

‘Knowing the plight of my people, I knew that if I bought only the equipment for the potential apprentices, they would find it difficult to raise the needed money to pay for the apprenticeship. So, I decided to take that bill as well.’

Over the years, the MP had supported several youth in the constituency through formal education.

‘Last year alone, I supported 236 students in the tertiary sector. I spent GHS230, 000.00 to support them because they are the future,’ he said.

Dr Apaak, the Deputy Ranking Member of Parliament’s Education Committee, said: ‘In the selection of the beneficiaries, political affiliation was not considered. Just like the scholarship for the students in the tertiary sector, we don’t consider one’s political affiliation.’

‘What is important is that you are a native of Builsa South, you are in need of help, you have potential and I believe that if I give you the support, you will become somebody with higher educational degree or a trade.’

‘I am doing it
because that is what the people want.’

He assured the constituents of his continued support, especially the youth, in line with the vision of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to develop their capacities to gain with employable skills under the leadership of its Flag bearer, Mr John Dramani Mahama.

‘So, what I am doing here today is part of our history as NDC. That is why we are called social democrats. We believe in equity, justice and fairness.’

Some of the beneficiaries, after receiving their tools, commended the MP for the support and said they would work to justify the investment made in them.

Ms Juliana Aweisinaab, a hairdresser apprentice, who shared her plight with the GNA, said she travelled to Accra after Junior High School to work as a porter, popularly known as ‘Kayayo’ to enable her raise GHS2,000.00 to buy items and pay for her training as a hairdresser.

After struggling for two years, she could not raise the money and had to return home.

‘I’m grateful to the MP for the assistance. B
ut for the support I wouldn’t be able to open a shop in Fumbisi after my training.’

Source: Ghana News Agency