Dr Lawrence Tetteh commended by Prime Minister of Bahamas

World Renowned Evangelist Dr Lawrence Tetteh has been lauded by Mr Philip Davis, Prime Minister of the Bahamas, for his work in international relations and promoting global peace, especially among the youth. The commendation was made in Nassau over the weekend when Dr Tetteh honoured invitations as a special guest at two events in that country. He addressed the Thanksgiving Service of the Bahamas Public Service at the Living Waters Kingdom Ministries, and the event of the International Youth Network for the United Nations Security Council 2250. Dr Tetteh is an expert in international relations and a global patron of the International Youth Network. At the Public Service event, he urged the congregants to eschew offences to remain productive and maintain healthy relationships. In holding on to offences, he noted, many bitter people had lost valuable relationships, their jobs and assets. Others had also lost their dignity and good standing in society. They should, therefore, endeavour to be forgiving and loving to promote peaceful coexistence and an environment for productive living. He encouraged people of the Bahamas to trace their roots to Ghana and return home, where they would be warmly welcomed. At the event of the International Youth Network for the United Nations Security Council 2250, Dr Tetteh, urged world leaders to implement measures that would discourage the youth from joining armed conflicts. Given the large population of the youth, he said, they were the most affected in violent conflict regions. However, with the right policy pro youth policy strategies and implementation their potentials could be harnessed to reap the demographic dividends for lasting peace and economic prosperity. He noted that the disruption of the youth’s access to education and economic opportunities undermined lasting peace and reconciliation. Dr Tetteh thanked the Prime Minister for the invitation and prayed that God would continually use him to touch lives all over the world. At the ceremony Dr Adrian Fox, a Bahamas philanthropist, was appointed as a national Patron of the Global Peace Network.

Source: Ghana News Agency