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Draw inspiration from countless women who have broken barriers – Madam Awity

Madam Mawusi Nudekor Awity, the Director General, Ghana TVET Service, has urged young girls and women to draw inspiration from the countless women who have broken barriers, shattered glass ceilings, and left indelible marks in history.

Their stories were a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the undying spirit of inclusion, she noted.

Madam Awity said this during the celebration of the International Women’s Day, set aside to honor and celebrate the achievements of women around the world, while recognising the peculiar challenges they face.

The global theme for the 2024 celebration is ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ and the theme for Ghana TVET Service is: ‘Inspire Inclusion: Bridging the gaps to promote diversity in TVET.’

‘Today, we honor not only women’s achievements but also the diversity of experiences that make each woman’s journey unique and valuable,’ she said.

Breaking barriers was not a solitary endeavour, rather it was a collective effort that required all to inspire inclusion in ever
y aspect of life, she said.?

It beckoned all to foster an environment where differences were not just tolerated but embraced, where the richness of varied perspectives propelled the world forward, Madam Awity said.

She said the theme resonated deeply with one of the core values of the Ghana TVET Service, where education was not only a tool for personal empowerment but a cornerstone for building an inclusive society where everyone could contribute and thrive.

‘Today, we have come together not merely to recognize the accomplishments of women but to embrace a vision of a world where every voice, regardless of gender or background, is heard and valued.’

Education emerged as a powerful catalyst, she said, and advised all and sundry to commit themselves to ensuring that every girl, irrespective of her background, had access to quality education.?

Madam Bernice Sam, a Global Leadership Assessment Practitioner, said international treaties, national laws, and policies advocated equality and non-discrimination.?

In TVET, specifically, inclusion and diversity were crucial for enriching learning experiences, empowering individuals, meeting industry needs and many more.

She said entrenched social norms, unconscious bias, lack of representation and limited accessibility were several roadblocks, which hindered the creation of a truly inclusive TVET space.

Madam Sam encouraged various institutions to provide a level playing field for everyone to foster a sense of belonging, teamwork and collaboration.

‘By working together, we can create a TVET system that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion, so let us strive for equality of opportunity, resources, and outcomes for all, regardless of gender or background,’ she said.

‘Let us ensure that everyone has the chance to learn, grow, and contribute their unique talents to our nation’s progress.’

Mr Antwi Boasiako Boateng, the Chief Executive Officer, Anti Cyber Engineering, said Artificial Intelligence (AI) was basically about data science and data technology, bringing v
arious data and information together to produce various analytical outcomes.

He said women had a role to play in AI because there was nothing different about men and women, and that the opportunities in education were available to all.

He encouraged women to see AI as just one of the usual and welcoming education tools that new technologies had brought to the world.?

‘Endeavour to take advantage of these opportunities that this data science industry has introduced,’ he urged.

Source: Ghana News Agency