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Eastern Nzema Traditional Council resolved to fast-track development of Ellembelle

Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III, President of the Eastern Nzema Traditional Council, has expressed the resolve of the Council to spearhead development of the Ellembelle District by fighting galamsey and other issues which were inimical to development.

He said,67 years after independence Ghana had chalked some milestones and entreated traditional rulers to protect and preserve their heritage.

Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III said the traditional council would fight homosexuality being attributed to Nzemas since it was alien to the Nzema culture.

Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III was addressing the first traditional council meeting of 2024 at Atuabo in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region.

It was attended by chiefs and queen mothers from the various communities in the District, Representatives of Companies, some heads of departments and representative of the Ellembelle District Chief Executive.

The meeting afforded participants the opportunity to express their views and concerns on issues militating against
development of the area and how to chart a common path to address them.

Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III reiterated the clarion call to clamp down on the galamsey nuisance to protect the purity and sanctity of water bodies and the land.

The Paramount Chief said though majority of youth involved in galamsey activities claimed they were jobless, however, the alarming proportion at which galamsey had degraded the environment and destroyed water bodies, called for serious concerns to halt galamsey activities.

He said if care was not taken, no land would be available for unborn generations to live on.

Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III therefore reminded any Chief who was masterminding and shielding galamsey activities to halt the practice.

He said, ‘any Chief who indulged in galamsey activities was not worth his salt and would be brought to book’.

Awulae Kpanyinli appealed to the committee in charge of Land and Rivers to monitor galamsey activities closely and curb the practice.

The Chief of Basake, Nana Bonya Kofi
allergies that politicians were neck deep in galamsey activities, but people usually pointed accusing fingers at traditional rulers, most of whom, were innocent.

He expressed wary that ‘concessions were given to people to do mining without the knowledge of chiefs’.

Nana Bonya Kofi appealed to Awulae Kpanyinli III to voice out this issue at the Regional House of Chiefs for it to be dealt with.

Source: Ghana News Agency