Eco Stoves introduced to women groups at Sagnarigu Municipality

Sung Foundation has introduced adoption and sustainable use of energy efficient Cooking Stoves called ‘Eco Stoves’ at the Sagnarigu Municipality in the Northern Region to enhance clean cooking strategy.
The Eco Stove is a fuel-efficient stove, introduced under the clean cooking strategy climate change sustainability project, to enhance environmental protection.
Miss Mary Badijigra Hahami, Project Officer at Sung Foundation, who demonstrated the use of Eco Stoves to a group of women in the Sheshegu community of the Municipality, said the project was funded by Gower Street Activity, advocacates on clean cooking strategies and implemented by Sung Foundation.
She said the project’s focus was to reduce the use of fuel for cooking as a means of checking the deforestation situation and to reduce the time spent on cooking as a labour saving mechanism for women and girls, who were integral part of the agriculture workforce in rural communities.
She said another motivation for the stoves was to mitigate the health hazard such as smoke inhalation, burns to the body and fire outbreak that were associated with the use of the traditional cook stoves that had naked flames.
She said the Eco Stoves offered higher efficiency ratings and less fuel was used for cooking, adding they were easy to maintain and use, especially in rural areas.
Participants were happy with the technology and expressed gratitude to the organisers for introducing the Eco Stoves to them to enhance their environment.
Sung Foundation is an NGO working to empower women, girls and the marginalised both at community and formal institutional levels with the objective to build a strong women’s movement to ensure that women enjoyed their rights and lived their lives in dignity.

Source: Ghana News Agency