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Elluokrom Community gets ICT, AI Centre

An Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre has been inaugurated to enhance the digital capacity of the Elluokrom residents in the Bia West District of the Western North Region to facilitate development.

The facility, established at a cost of GHS500,000, was commissioned by the Bia West Mondelez International Cocoa Life Cooperative and Marketing Union, in partnership with the Coral Reef Innovation Hub.

Mr Adama Issah, the Union President, said the facility was a significant milestone in the journey towards technological advancement, as well as improving upon the teaching and learning of ICT in the area.

‘In today’s rapidly evolving world, AI has become an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals because of its ability to process vast amounts of data, identify patterns and make predictions,’ he said.

‘It has the potential to revolutionalise various sectors including agriculture, health care and education.’

Mr Issah lauded the Coral Reef Innovation Hu
b for its efforts and noted that their expertise in AI and data analyses had been crucial in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions tailored for the needs of the cooperative and other beneficiaries.

He said among the key objectives of the centre was to provide members of the union, youth and pupils in the area with the necessary tools and support to be competitive in the rapidly growing digital landscape, since the world was increasingly becoming more reliant on technology.

He advised the youth to make good use of the facility to enable them to acquire the requisite skills to compete favourably with their peers around the globe.

Mr Issah was hopeful that the centre would help attract new businesses and investment, create employment opportunities, improve the quality of life for community members and promote digital literacy.

Mr Richard Osei Anim, the Chief Executive Officer of Coral Reef Innovation Hub, said the company believed in Access, Equity and Inclusion, hence the essence of partnering B
ia West, Mondelez International Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union to set up the facility to help bridge the digital gap.

He expressed optimism that the pupils would be able to build robots in six months and asked the managers of the facility to help them to achieve the feat.

Mr Anim urged the authorities to help sustain the project and suggested the establishment of a community digital fund to replace damaged equipment.

Mr John Agyemang, the Human Resources Manager, Bia West District Education Directorate, commended the Corporative Union for the project, saying it would go a long way to improve teaching and learning of information and communication technology in the area.

He appealed for the expansion of such facilities to other communities in the district to enhance the use of ICT generally.

Mr Alex Cudjoe Mensah, the Deputy District Coordinating Director, promised the Assembly’s readiness to support the development of the centre.

Nana Ahwoi Panin II, the Chief of Elluokrom, lauded Bia West, Mondelez I
nternational Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union for their support to the district and promised to protect the facility.

Source: Ghana News Agency