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Exhibitors of 28th Trade Fair satisfied with turnout, but worried of low publicity

Some exhibitors at the just ended 28th Ghana Trade Fair Exhibition hosted at the West Hills Mall, have said the fair although good for the promotion and sales of their products, should have received more publicity.

This year’s edition of Ghana Trade Fair Exhibition organised by the Ghana Trade Fair Centre (GTFC) at the West Hills Mall, began on March 1, and ended on Thursday March 7.

The fair was to create opportunity for companies especially local manufacturers and industries to promote their businesses outside their shops and business centres.

It was under the theme; ‘E-Commerce: Key to SME Growth for Economic Development.’

Some traders said the fair was a good platform to promote their products but required more publicity.

They expressed delight that the fair had created the platform and opened future opportunities for them which will translate into increased sales as their products, particularly local ones were showcased to the Ghanaian public and other clients.

An exhibitor, Roselyn Nutakor, Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) of Nuna Glamour, a local clothing manufacturing said this year was her fourth time of participating.

She disclosed that the fair was a good platform and that had helped her to maximise sales and called for more publicity in future fairs.

According to her, most people who patronised their products trooped in out of curiosity but ordinarily, were unaware of the exhibition.

She said the GTFC could improve by building on the awareness and publicise and the fair more in subsequent years.

Source: Ghana News Agency