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Faith-based stakeholders react to Parliament’s passage of Anti-LGBTTQAP+ Bill

Faith-based stakeholders have reacted strongly to the passage of the Anti-LGBTTQAP+ Bill, otherwise christened as ‘Human Sexual Rights and Family Values ACT, 2024 by Parliament.

They were happy about Parliament’s resilience in passing the Bill, which is awaiting Presidential assent.

The stakeholders said the practice in general was against the practices of Ghanaians and Africans and is being foisted on the continent by Western countries and assigns, who are expressing their displeasure with the Legislator’s action.

They contended that their belief systems, including tradition, culture and value systems strongly abhorred the practice or phenomenon of same-sex behaviours, which animals even frowned upon.

They praised the Parliamentarians for doing justice to the Bill, which took three years to pass on February 29 in a unanimous vote.

The belief systems in Christianity, Islam, Chieftaincy and traditional worship and practice, all abhorred the same-sex phenomenon in the country, which is being fought on the
altar of human rights by Western countries.

Right Rev. Dr Lt. Col. Bliss Divine Agbeko (rtd), Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, sharing his view on the matter, said ‘It is untenable to impose sexual practices that are deemed evil on us.’

Rev. Dr Lt. Col. Agbeko disclosed these to the Ghana News Agency in the aftermath of the passage of the Bill, saying ‘We Africans are pro-life.’

‘Life is not about us alone; we must pass it on to others and generations unborn through procreation.’

What happens behind your closed door is none of our business but when it comes to society, LGBTQ+ is unacceptable in Ghana,’ he asserted.

Mr Raphael Kofi Nana Dunyo, an Octogenarian and a traditionalist from Dagbamete within the Akatsi South Municipality of the Volta Region said the act could be classified as unacceptable practice in their setting, insisting customs in Ghana forbade LGBTQ+.

‘Our belief, as traditionalists, does not support such practices for centuries. So, this pa
ssage is in place,’ he told the GNA.

He further explained that such practices would never be entertained within their jurisdiction ‘since the gods prohibit that.’

Togbega Patamia Dzekley VII, Paramount Chief of Battor Traditional Area, said the same-sex phenomenon was an abomination to the traditional and cultural belief systems of the nation.

He was of the conviction that ‘No traditional leader or authority will consent to same-sex considerations.’

He asked how the Royal Family of Britain could maintain succession for the Monarchy, if they had practised same-sex marriages, saying ‘Same-sex is ungodly, defiles the concept of human existence and must not be promoted under human rights.’

He said emerging threats and commentaries from Western countries were an attestation of the extension of the ‘slave trade’ and the use of financial muscle to foist a sacrilegious practice on Ghanaians.

‘We will prefer to go hungry as a country than accept same-sex marriage and appealed to President Akufo-Addo to assent to
the Bill,’ Togbega Dzekley said.

Mr James Gawu, spokesperson of Togbui Saba V, the ‘Dufia’ of Nogokpo in the Volta Region, explained that the LGBTQ+ activities had a lot of questions to answer.

‘What happens to the generation after us? Is the same-sex agenda an attempt to reduce the human population and replace it with robots,?’ he queried.

He said the passage of the bill must be accepted by all, adding ‘The practice is an abomination before the gods of the land and seas.’

‘Our forebears never did this. The first question that comes to mind is the creation story. Are the same-sex adherents saying they are wiser than God?’

Alhaji Alfa Anas Hamidu, Volta Regional Chief Imam, sharing a position of the Quran on same-sex rights, said the Holy Book urged adherents to use their mouths and hearts to correct wrongdoing in society to avoid curses or calamities from falling on humanity.

He said same-sex activities were forewarned in the Quran, Chapter 7: 80-84, about Lot’s wife in Sodom and Gomorrah and the ensuin
g repercussions.

He said both the Quran and the Bible vividly captured the punishment for these sacrilegious behaviours and wondered why these were being perpetrated on the altar of human rights.

Alhaji Hamidu said the youth of Islam were being sensitised on the same-sex matter as a means of saving the next generation.

Meanwhile, Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, Board Chair of Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) Ghana, said in the media that the ‘Anti-LGBTTQAP+ Bill is obnoxious and dangerous for our democracy and human rights.’

Development partners have indicated debilitating consequences for the country if the Bill becomes Law.

Source: Ghana News Agency