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Fecafoot turned down CRTV interview request-Nkoa

The Head of CRTV sports desk, Raphael Nkoa lashed out at the comments of the spokesperson of the president of the Cameroon Football Federation.

Mr Ernerst Obama in an interview alleged that the state broadcaster had failed to fulfill its part of a partnership deal with the Cameroon football federation.

In response, Nkoa said there was a need to set the records.

‘I was shocked by your allegations on CRTV last night, on Info TV. About the management of the sporting aspects for which I am delegated manager. Your comments seemed discourteous and unacceptable to me, especially about two partner structures. How can you insinuate that CRTV did not cover a match in the MTN Elite 1 professional championship when the Colombe-Aigle match was being broadcast live?

Ernest, if you disagree on a point, why don’t you tell me about it straight away?’ Nkoa said.

The CRTV employee further explained that they respected their part of the partnership to the extent of not broadcasting reports that criticize the football federa

‘To date, and in the spirit of our partnership, CRTV has refrained from getting involved in the underground battles between FECAFOOT and the various stakeholders in football. At CRTV, we remain focused on the pertinent facts of current affairs.’

He also revealed that CRTV requested an interview with the president, Samuel Eto’o, but this was declined. Eto’o preferred a foreign channel France 24.

Source: Cameroon News Agency