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Fisheries Director advises graduates to explore fish marketing as job option

Mr Hanson Kodzo Dzamefe Jnr, the Bono Regional Director of the Fisheries Commission, has encouraged graduates to explore job opportunities within the fish marketing business.

Fish marketing was a lucrative business that could help fill a crucial gap in the value chain of the fishing industry, he said.

Mr Dzamefe Jnr. said there were limited numbers of individuals involved in fish marketing and processing with many fish farmers having a challenge after stock harvesting because they lacked the marketing skills to reach consumers.

That was because most of them failed to recognise the aspect of marketing and the need to factor that in their production processes, he said, and suggested the need for tertiary institutions to incorporate knowledge about fish marketing into their curriculum.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Sunyani Mr Dzamefe Jnr said students of agri-business, marketing, purchasing and supply programmes could develop an interest in that field.

‘If I were a businessman, I will focus
on processing, adding value and marketing, as that is where the real profit lies,’ he said.

He announced that the Bono Regional Office of the Fisheries Commission, in collaboration with the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani, had initiated a programme where students from the University received training on fish farming and marketing during their attachment.

That practical experience equipped beneficiary students with the necessary knowledge to start their own businesses to become economically self-reliant after graduation.

He noted that fish was a widely consumed food item in various forms, making the industry a promising one for university students to explore, and with the acquired

expertise in the marketing aspect, they could establish successful businesses for their own benefit and of the entire industry.

Source: Ghana News Agency