Freda Prempeh Foundation commends Abu Jinapor for Green Ghana Initiative

The Freda Prempeh Foundation (FPF), an organisation that advocates environmental sustainability has commended the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources for his outstanding dedication and leadership in propelling the Green Ghana Initiative forward.

The initiative, a ground-breaking endeavour aimed at addressing deforestation and promoting environmental conservation across the nation, has made remarkable progress under the visionary guidance of Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor, the sector Minister, it stated.

‘Since its inception, the initiative has garnered widespread support and active participation from communities, government agencies, and stakeholders, thanks to the Minister’s tireless advocacy and strategic approach,’ the foundation said in a statement.

Signed by Dr Freda Prempeh, its Founder and President, the statement said through impactful tree planting campaigns, educational outreach programs, and policy initiatives, the Minister has effectively mobilised citizens to take proactive steps towards preservin
g Ghana’s rich natural heritage.

‘We are immensely grateful to the honourable Minister for his unwavering commitment to the Green Ghana Initiative.

His leadership has not only inspired a collective sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship but has also laid the groundwork for a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come,’ it stated.

The Minister’s relentless efforts in championing the protection of forests, water bodies, and biodiversity have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the importance of safeguarding our natural resources.

Through fostering collaboration and cooperation among diverse stakeholders, the Green Ghana Initiative has emerged as a beacon of effective environmental governance.

It reaffirmed the foundation’s unwavering support for the Green Ghana Initiative and pledged to collaborate closely with the Ministry for Lands and Natural Resources to further its objectives.

Source: Ghana News Agency