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Ghanaians asked to recommit to the ideals of democracy

Mr Ebenezer Dadzie, the District Chief Executive of Shama, has entreated Ghanaians to recommit to the ideals of democracy and renew their pledge to build a more inclusive and prosperous society.

He said it was only through collective actions and mutual respect that citizens could fulfil the promise of the nation’s potential.

The DCE said this, at the district celebration of the 67th Independence Day to remind Ghanaians of the struggles of the nation’s forbearers to bequeath a formidable, united, and prosperous nation for the current generation to build on and transfer same to others in the future.

The 67th Independence Day celebration is on the theme: ‘Our Democracy, Our Pride,’ and witnessed many activities including cultural performances, recitals, and the usual march past.

Ghana’s democracy in its 30th year, had witnessed many challenges in practice, but could also boast of being an enviable legacy on the African continent.

Mr Dadzie said the nation must also redouble its efforts to build a more inclu
sive and equitable society, confront the challenges that threatened to undermine the gains in democratic governance such as corruption and inequality, as well as the erosion of democratic institutions as a country striving to build a more perfect democracy.

Sixty-seven years ago, the country emerged from the shadows of colonialism. Proclaiming its independence and charting a new course towards self-determination, self-governance, and development with a greater commitment towards democracy.

Mr Dadzie called on political parties to actively engage their followers in political tolerance and mounting campaign platforms to avoid insults and derogatory remarks during the electioneering period, to maintain peace and unity.

In a related development, Madam Emelia Arthur, the National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for the Shama District impressed on Ghanaians to actively work to achieve the tenets of democracy which involved socio-economic development and advancement in human rights.

He paid glowing t
ribute to the late former President Jerry John Rawlings of the Republic of Ghana, for showing leadership and allowing the roots of democracy to be planted in the country.

Mr Ralph Taylor, the District Education Director said schools would continue to teach the Ghanaian child to uphold the rich cultural heritage of the country for social cohesion.

Mr Isaac Afful, a development Chief and the New Patriotic Party Presidential candidate for the Shama District said Ghana’s democracy had become a benchmark for many countries, therefore the country could not afford to lose guard on its numerous achievements.

He said one thing that must stand clear, now in the governance system was massive development of both human capital, infrastructure, and jobs, to create a more comfortable society.

Mr Afful alluded to the election petition and Ghana’s display of maturity to the global community, of its readiness to entrench the tenets of democracy and advised Ghanaians to stand committed to the course of the country despite t
he current challenges.

Source: Ghana News Agency