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Ghanaians urged to seek God’s direction to choose a credible leader

The Very Reverend Isaac Justice Arhin-Yorke, the Bishop’s Deputy of Wa-Bolgatanga Mission Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, has urged Ghanaians to seek God’s direction in the choices of credible leaders for Ghana during the December 2024 general election.

The Very Rev. Arhin-Yorke said this to mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the theme: ‘He is Risen’ as Christians across the world celebrate Easter.

He told the congregation: ‘Let us pray to God to help us choose credible leaders to lead the nation.’

He also encouraged Christians to conduct themselves during the election in a civil manner devoid of acts that could mar the peace the nation was enjoying.

‘We have to approach everything that has to do with elections with a deep sense of decorum.

The peace we have enjoyed over the years as a nation has come at an expense. Let us safeguard it’, he said.

The Bishop’s Deputy emphasised the need for Christians to pray for God’s grace to use the transforming power of the resurrection of Jesu
s Christ to impact lives in society positively.

He said they should not be comfortable when only a few people in society take advantage of the economic situation to better their lives at the expense of the majority.

He said as a nation, they should follow the principles of Jesus Christ by ensuring that all people and communities had a fair share of the national cake without discrimination as Christ gave ‘Himself to a ministry of helpfulness to all.’

The Very Rev. Arhin-Yorke reminded the congregation to have confidence in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as all true believers would have eternal life in the Lord.

‘Be rest assured that your toil in the Lord will not be in vain. The resurrection should let you know that there are bright prospects for all of us.

We shall also rise from the dead and defeat death one day. So, serve God faithfully’, he said.

He reminded them of the biblical teaching in John 3:16 which says: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son that whosoever
believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

The Very Rev. Arhin-Yorke, therefore, urged the people to adopt innovative and proactive ways to preach the gospel to the world for all to share in the resurrection power and grace of Jesus Christ.

Source: Ghana News Agency